Who am I?

Hello I am Grace Dahdah Frangieh, a mother to a gorgeous girl named Chloe, a digital art director to several brands and international companies and a gourmet baking enthusiast currently to my own family and taste buds.

Through brainstorming, research, conceptualization and design, I create beautiful engaging digital experiences for both clients and users. I have a thirst for the latest technology and interactivity. I design user interfaces following the latest guidelines and trends. With every new project obtained, new challenges emerge, innovative ideas rush through and creative strategies come to life delivering top-notch designs.

Earlier in 2014 I discovered that baking is my passion. It all started with a simple cake and the next thing I know I was immersed with dozens of French celebrity pastry chefs’ books, professional tools and gourmet ingredients. I enjoy everything about baking, from the smell of the melted chocolate, to grating a fresh vanilla bean to the several trials until perfection is reached in taste, texture and looks.

I enjoy new challenges whether it’s a new project, new learning experience with my daughter or a new and sophisticated dessert.

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